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Chart Risers® is an American Record Production Team composed of producers and song writers from Cincinnati Ohio. The group is made up of members Robert L Downs Jr. (Bka Mr. Downs) Roscoe L Downs (bka Hookman Relli). The duo offers industry quality HipHop and R&B instrumentals to song writers & recording artists. clients include: Big Jim, Marqo Mazii, Joshua Newell, Rello Da Syah, and more.

IndieByChoice: You worked with a totally diverse bunch of musicians, including Marqo Mazii, American Scheme and Tayson. How did that work?

Chart Risers: Mr.Downs (Well a lot of these artists we have personal relationships with and always felt that we could all help each other musically) Hookman Relli (My brother and partner always kept me around because I was a rapper so whenever he needed a hook and to help him sale a beat I was right there, so it made everything much easier.

IndieByChoice: How do you approach the sensitive task of discussing changes and rearrangements with artists?

Chart Risers: You have to be transparent and honest with artists but also be able to lead by example, so if you are going to tell an artist something they need to approve on, then follow up with an example or actually demonstrate

IndieByChoice: What is the one thing every song must have for it to be solid?

Chart Risers: A solid hook, and catchy lyrics

IndieByChoice: Tell us about your new service Chart Risers and why you decided to start the service.

Chart Risers: We are a full-fledged music production company, with over 10 plus yrs of experience, we specialize in music production, songwriting and mixing, and mastering, we started this because we wanted to help with artists bumping their heads and making huge mistakes and also learn how to invest into there careers correctly, we wanted to be the saving ground for the upcoming artists who needed a home

IndieByChoice: Chart Risers , is advertised as “Puting Artist First”. Tell us about how you achieve that.

Chart Risers: We love to hear new ideas, we love to develop new talent, so listening and also vibing with artists as we grow our sound and brand the artists are the most important piece of the puzzle

IndieByChoice: As an artist what should I already have in order to take advantage of your service?

Chart Risers: Just have at least a vision on where you want to take your music and also have a little faith and trust that your working with professionals, an actual team, and do be afraid to ask questions, but also be ready to work, understand our time is valuable and your career is valuable as well so its a two way street

IndieByChoice: With Chart Risers becoming such a popular service, is there still room for an artist to work with just Mr. Downs the producer? Or Hookman Relli the songwriter

Chart Risers: Always we offer services Al Carte, but we are involved in everything we do even if we are working on separate things, Chart Risers is the brand and we want to represent that to the fullest at all times

IndieByChoice: Before we let you go, tell us, who is your favorite artist right now?

Chart Risers: Mr.Downs (I would have to say, Summer Walker, just love her tone and her lyrics, she is really dope) Hookman Relli(Young Dolph!!! I love what he represents, he is for the hustlers and the true grinders

Be sure to check out Chart Riser's new "Reach the Charts Membership". For details visit their website here

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