Artist Interview: Entity Muzic

Artist: Entity Muzic
Album: The Experience
Entity is a musical group that fuses the genres of Hip-hop and R&B/Soul. The easiest and most profound way to describe the sounds of ENTITY is to imagine the blend of melodic, soulful singing, meshed with the rawness of true hip-hop style, flavor, and lyrical content. There is no doubt that Entity has the ability to hold their own. Homage and Gabrielle are not featuring on each others songs; they have strategically arranged each record to maintain a unique sound that is skillfully blended into a seamless flow.

IndieByChoiceTell us about your self. Who is Entity Muzic?
Entity: "Entity- being, existence, especially: independent, separate, or self-contained existence.... of....
Muzic- vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony.

We are a group that consists of 2 members: Gabrielle- Vocalist/ Songwriter and Homaje(pronounced homage)- Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer. We have been influenced by music, period. Every thing from classical to pop to hip hop to country and rock. We Choose to make music that will not only speak to the heart, trials, and real life circumstances that we as human beings face, but we also push for a sound that exists out side of the norm of the music culture. We have taken our two favorite genres (hip hop and R&B) and fused them together to be able to touch both males and females alike... you could call it perspective music because you get the male and female take on the subject of each record we perform. We won't stop with those two genres we like to experiment, so fusion is key in what we do."

IndieByChoice: At this moment, what stage of your musical career do you believe you’re at?
Entity: "We are always learning and looking for ways to grow. So as to say what stage we would have to look at the vision we have set for our group where we have been and where we want to go. With out revealing all of our plans I would say we are in the touring and expansion stage.

This is where we feel our strongest exposure will come. We have met and networked with many industry professionals locally and abroad and they all have given us the encouragement not to be afraid to step out a get what we want. To ultimately do what we love to do and get paid for it. That's we are here for right?"

IndieByChoice: What sets you apart from other aspiring artists?
Entity: "I think it would be a little cliche and possibly arrogant to say that we are better or far more different than other artists. As artist we all have a passion and desire to want our music to be heard by the masses. Entity Muzic in definition strives to make muzic will captivate the listeners but also grab their soul. 

The goal would be to create music with a substance that could be fulfilling until the last record is spun. As far as our music is concerned the vocal tones and the choice of instrumentals we use bring a different feel and mood to what is already out there. We have beautiful chemistry when we create our music and it shows in our sound and stage performance.  We don't try to be different it just comes out that way. We stay true to ourselves and try to make muzic people can relate to."

IndieByChoice: One of our favorite songs off the album is “Approach,” how would you describe your music to someone who hasn't listened to the track yet?
Entity: "Attractive, Inspiring, Innovative, Creative, Addictive, Surprising and influential aka Something you can ride to, clean to, and dream to muzic.

Check out the "Approach" video on YouTube"

IndieByChoice: I see that you wrote and helped produce this album. How hard was it going through the process from start to the end?
Entity: "Yes, Homaje produced 2 records off the "Experience" LP The "Ideas" Intro and "Approach" and Gabrielle co-produced the record "Feels Good" with J. Skillz. 

We were really excited when we decided to put an album together. It was definitely not easy putting a Lp together with having to live everyday life with jobs and other responsibilities. In the end, the process was exciting and a wonderful learning experience. We both learned a lot from the beginning to the closing out of the album. It definitely helped us see what it truly means to love what you do. It was like birthing a child, from conception to delivery. Once it's done, you don't realize all the ups and downs you went through to make the project manifest. You definitely don't forget though. Now we see why some of these artists be so sensitive when critics slam their albums."

IndieByChoice: What do you want people to take away from your album?
Entity: "1.That they are able to stay focused and overcome when things get tough.
2. To celebrate when they are headed toward success.
3. You are the ruler of your domain and atmosphere. Don't worry about the naysayers."

IndieByChoice: Last question. For artist visiting Cincinnati in the future, where is your favorite place to perform?
Entity: "Good question. We love to take almost any stage in Cincy. Ultimately, it all comes down to the quality of the sound and the intimacy of the audience. There are definitely too many to name, so we're gonna say come to the Nati, get involved with the scene and you can make the choice for yourself."

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