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Artist Interview: Entity Muzic

Artist: Entity Muzic
Album: The Experience
Entity is a musical group that fuses the genres of Hip-hop and R&B/Soul. The easiest and most profound way to describe the sounds of ENTITY is to imagine the blend of melodic, soulful singing, meshed with the rawness of true hip-hop style, flavor, and lyrical content. There is no doubt that Entity has the ability to hold their own. Homage and Gabrielle are not featuring on each others songs; they have strategically arranged each record to maintain a unique sound that is skillfully blended into a seamless flow.

IndieByChoice: Tell us about your self. Who is Entity Muzic?
Entity: "Entity- being, existence, especially: independent, separate, or self-contained existence.... of....
Muzic- vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony.

We are a group that consists of 2 members: Gabrielle- Vocalist/ Songwriter and Homaje(pronounced homage)- Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer. We…