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Label Interview: Chart Risers

Label :  Chart Risers Service : Reach the Charts Membership Profile : Bio : Chart Risers® is an American Record Production Team composed of producers and song writers from Cincinnati Ohio. The group is made up of members Robert L Downs Jr. (Bka Mr. Downs) Roscoe L Downs (bka Hookman Relli). The duo offers industry quality HipHop and R&B instrumentals to song writers & recording artists. clients include: Big Jim, Marqo Mazii, Joshua Newell, Rello Da Syah, and more. IndieByChoice : You worked with a totally diverse bunch of musicians, including Marqo Mazii, American Scheme and Tayson. How did that work? Chart Risers : Mr.Downs (Well a lot of these artists we have personal relationships with and always felt that we could all help each other musically) Hookman Relli (My brother and partner always kept me around because I was a rapper so whenever he needed a hook and to help him sale a beat I was right there, so it made everyth