Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome Music Venues

Shows and concerts are critical for independent artist trying to gain fans and make money from their music. Venues also want to reach as many music fans as possible to pack the house during shows.

To help artist spread the word about their shows and connect with music venues we have rolled out Venue profiles. Now that venues are part of the IndieByChoice community adding and promoting live shows is a lot easier. Artist will only have to enter a venue name when adding a show and fans can access all the details about the show via IndieByChoice, Facebook, Twitter and their mobile device. Venues can also add IndieByChoice artist to their shows just by entering the artist name. This will allow the artist and their fans to promote the upcoming show accross their social networks.

Sharing upcoming shows from artist or venues is a one click process. Fans have the option to “Share” or “Attend” a show which will include a link back to the artist page along with a link to the venues profile page as well. A summary of the details about the show will be posted on the fans Facebook wall and in their Twitter feed. This gives venues and artist great viral promotion for their shows.

If you are an independent artist or a venue that showcases independent artist be sure to head over to to create your free account today and let our music fans know about your upcoming shows.

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