Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adding Featured Artist to Your Songs

Showcase Songs You Are Featured On
Collaborations are a great way for artist to reach new markets and gain more exposure. We want to expand on that at IndieByChoice by giving you the ability to link other artist to your songs that they were featured on. This will allow your music to be promoted to their fans as well as yours.

Adding a Featured Artist
Adding an artist as a feature is easy. First go to your songs admin page located at From here you will see an “Actions” button located to the right of each song. Hover over that button and select “Add Feature Artist” from the menu. 

Start typing in the name of the artist you want to add and they should appear in the search results. Click on that artist and your done. 

The artist will be notified that you added them as a featured artist. When they confirm your request your song will be placed on their profile page under an album called “Featured.”

Removing a Feature Artist
To remove a feature artist visit your “Features” admin page located at To your right you will see the option to view “pending”, “confirmed” and “sent” feature request. Click on the “Sent” filter to view all the artist you have added as a feature. Select the artist you want to remove and click “unfeature.” Note that because you added the artist as a feature their is no approval process for removing them.

Responding to a Feature Request
You can view all of the songs you were added as a feature to at You then can select which features you want to reply to from the list. After selecting the features click on the “confirm” or “decline” button located to the right.

Here is a sample of how the “Featured” album will look on your profile.