Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Music Page

We have revamped our music page at You can now filter your music from options like bit rate, plays, date added, and more. The new layout also offer artist a chance to become a feature artist which we will be rolling out across all our landing pages. Be sure to check it out and leave us some feedback on what you think.

New - Facebook Sync

In our effort to offer artist as much exposure as possible along with giving listeners the ability to share and take their playlist everywhere we have added Facebook connect so that members can now link their IndieByChoice and Facebook accounts. Just like the Twitter and Youtube syncing option you just click on the link "Sync Facebook", grant IndieByChoice the permission to connect to your account and you are done.

For artist this will allow us to notify your friends on Facebook whenever you add a new song or video and whenever a listener adds your music to their playlist.

For listeners this will allow for us to notify your friends when you add a song or video to your playlist and when you become fans of an artist.

The Facebook, along with Twitter and Youtube, sync can be disconnected (and re-connected) at any time. To get started just log into your admin page and click on "Sync Facebook".